My father was an eccentric circus teacher, and my mother is warm and dynamic. During my childhood I adventured around Yungaburra, and worked with my father throughout the communities of Cape York.

I have spent most years since then in wild self-development. Sometimes, that was through unhealthy relationships and grief, and sometimes via confronting workshops and phenomenal retreats.

I am the mother of a beautiful son of 16, and wonder-filled 14 yr old daughter. Their Dad has been my supportive partner for 17 years.

Over the last 9 years I have been studying and working with Ka Huna Bodywork, trauma release, Breathwork and movement therapy. I share these modalities daily to help people relax into their bodies, and free their emotions. I am always learning, and the bodies and souls that I work with everyday, are now my teachers.

Through The Re Wilding Experience, I create spaces, and craft activities where people can freely explore, and connect in with, themselves, each other, and their own ancient wisdom.

Being real, warm, and understanding is where it’s at for me, and I love to bring expansion and adventure to life.

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I am local to Far North Queensland and grew up on a farm near Tully.  Cairns area has been my home for 23 years.

My greatest achievements ever have been home birthing and raising 3 awesome daughters, and blending a family with my amazing partner and his children. As I have mothered my children I have studied Art, Dance, Clothing design and manufacture, Women’s Health, Yoga teacher training, Doula studies and just recently Somatic Psychology, the Body-Mind Connection, and Embodied Approaches to Healing.

In 2018 I graduated from the School of Shamanic Womancraft – a journey that changed my life forever. I was deeply supported during this time to step into my gifts and share them with the world.

My work and passion as a Birth Keeper and Doula sees me supporting Mothers and Families emotionally, physically and lovingly through the major life changing events of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

I view life as a constant opportunity to rebirth new aspects of ourselves. This explains my passion for supporting and guiding people through these major changes and rites of passage.

My passion for facilitating events and retreats for women comes from a deep knowing that when women feel free to be themselves, they feel empowered, connected in life and to nature and their creativity. Women in their power bring a profound and positive healing effect to other people and to our planet.

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